Monday, January 30, 2006

Benildean Core Values

In the College Mission Statement, it affirms that a Benildean community and the relationships that create it are strengthened through transformational experiences guided by:
  • appreciation of individual worth
  • creativity
  • professional competence
  • social responsibility
  • a sense of nationhood
  • faith
These are the Six (6) Benildean Core Values . . . James Collins and Jerry Porras define core values as, "the essential and enduring tenets of an organization - the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts."

They also claim that, "Core values require no external justification. They have intrinsic value and are of significant importance to those inside the organization. They are the few extremely powerful
guiding principles; the soul of the organization - the values that guide all actions. "

What behaviors destroy appreciation of individual worth
What behaviors build appreciation of individual worth

What behaviors destroy creativity
What behaviors build creativity

What behaviors destroy professional competence?
What behaviors build professional competence

What behaviors destroy social responsibility?
What behaviors build social responsibility

What behaviors destroy a sense of nationhood ?
What behaviors build a sense of nationhood

What behaviors destroy faith?
What behaviors build faith?


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